Monday, February 06, 2006

back again

so, it's been a very long time since my last post and to be honest i kinda thought this blogging thing was going to be over for me. but, hey. i'm giving it another go.

here's the rundown of what's happened to me over the last 5 months (in no particular order):

* got back from china
* my white bike got stolen
* my replacement bike broke down because it was a piece
* got a sweet track racing bike
* started racing
* got hit by a car and totaled my track bike (no permanent injuries!)
* still waiting form my replacement track bike to get off a boat from italy
* started a new band
* joined a new band
* quit drinking (just 'till v-day)
* quit smoking (hopefully forever)
* started lifting weights! (i know, this one scared me too)
* realized how bad i suck at being a corporate manager (ummmmmm yeeeeaaaahhhh)

well now that we're caught up i can start filling you all in with the mundane details of my daily life.

until then... rock on with your bad self.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

in b-town

just a little fyi for all of you that may not know already. i'm in beijing, china! i'm here visiting my brother who has been living here for the last year. it's crazy, he seems to be able to speak chinese very well. my body clock and my brain are so confused that i can't event tell if i landed yesterday or the day before. to get to china you have to fly over the international date line and i'm still trying to grock. i spent 24 hours in daylight the day i was flew and at some point crossed into the next day. well, i'll try to keep my posts regular with lots of pictures while i'm here.

oh, for some reason i can't view my own blog from here, so if the formatting is all funky, that's why.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

hi dee ho

all right. i know. i've been totally slacking on the blog this last week. i've been super busy- i promise. angus and i where in the studio (a.k.a the firey pits of hell) on friday and saturday. recording actually went very smoothly, but i think i lost about 10 lbs in sweat in the process. since we recorded everything live, i think we're going to be releasing this one soon (as soon as we can come up with the money to pay for duping).

anyhoo- i just ran across this fixie website and had to share it! i like it because it proves that i'm not that much of a bike geek (yet).

Friday, July 29, 2005

teeny-boppers beware

check out this awesome glamour shot of me and angus. now that we have a real album to give people we are assembling a real press kit, one of the essential elements being a glam-shot. i think this one will tell the a&r guys over at warner bros that chamisa mesa is to be taken seriously.

p.s. got some new goods for ya'll today. freshly burned to the hi-md --> check it (it takes a few minutes to get going).

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


while qc had the camera out i couldn't let her get away without taking a picture of my bike! she made me take off my super cool cycling cap though.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

unrelated, yet possibly interesting

who would have thought that one of the earlier uses found for robots would be camel jockeying. apparently, it's true.

also, for all you jocks out there, this is a nice little app i ran across yesterday that uses google maps to track the distance you've walked (or biked, he he he ). it features a cool 'click marks the spot' ability that is very noticeably missing from the real google maps app. if sue and paul can do it, the guys over at google have no excuse, damnit.

and to change subject yet again. as further evidence of my increadably steap descent into cyclo-dork status, lay your eye's on my new cap.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

antarctica the beautiful

i'm doing everything i can to keep from passing out at work today. it's not because i'm tired, but because i'm between projects and have nothing to do. for a while, i was trying to occupy my time doing something that didn't appear like a complete waste of time. but by now i've given into surfing aimlessly on the 'information super highway'. i can't imagine how bad office jobs must have sucked before the internet. the picture displayed above is of antarctica, the continent with the highest IQ per capita, found here.